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Dos cruces en Danger Pass – Spanish title
Dos veces venganza – Spanish title
Due croci a Danger Pass – Italian title
Duas Cruzes para o Diabo – Brazilian title
Passagem para o Inferno – Brazilian title
Um Passo da Morte – Brazilian title
2 kruizen te Danger Pass – Dutch title
Deuz croix un implacable – French title
Oi apostates tou Theou – Greek title
Intikam gecidi – Turkish title
Two Crosses in Danger Pass – English title
Two Crosses at Danger Pass – English title
A 1967 Spanish, Italian co-production [Copercines (Madrid), United Pictures (Rome)]
Producers: Fulvio Luciano, Eduardo Manzanos Brochero
Director: Rafael Romero Marchent
Story: Enzo Battaglia
Screenplay: Enzo Battaglia, Eduardo Manzanos Brochero
Cinematography: Sergio Martinelli, Emilio Foriscot [Eastmancolor, Uniscope]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Song: “Without a Name” sung by Raoul (Ettore Lo Vecchio)
Song: “Brings Us Joy and Happiness”, “What Do You Think” sung by July Ray (Giulia De Mutis)
Running time: 92 minutes
Alex ‘Kid’ Mitchell – Peter Martell (Pietro Martellanza)
Gloria Moran – Dyanik (Dianik Zurakowska)
Moran – Armando Calvo (Armando Lespier)
Charley Moran – Anthony Freeman (Mario Novelli)
Judy Mitchell – Nuccia Cardinali (Nuccia Cardinale)
Mark/Marty/Matt – Luis Gaspar (Luis Osorio)
Edith – Mara Cruz (María González)
Sheriff T. Mitchell – Jesús Puente (Jesús Alzaga)
Doc Miller – Antonio Pica (Antonio Serrano)
Powell – Miguel S. del Castillo
Bartender – Xan das Bolas (Tomás Peña)
Saloon patron – Chris Huerta (Crisanto Brieva)
Saloon girl - July Ray (Giulia De Mutis)
With: Emilio Rodriguez, Eduardo Coutelenq

In the prison at Danger Pass is an inmate who believes the sheriff is innocent of the crime he is accused of by Moran, a rich, powerful and violent man who holds the whole territory under the terror of a gang he has hired. Moran, who purports to support justice, ends up killing both the prisoner, the sheriff and his wife under the eyes of both of his two children: Alex and Judy Mitchell. While Judy is taken to Moran’s home to grow as a servant of the house, Alex abandoned is picked up and adopted by a family of Quakers. Despite his upbringing, which instilled a sense of forgiveness, the boy grows up and prepares intensely for revenge. Cast out by his adopted family as a result of his inner feelings, his half-brother Mark, who tries to dissuade him from his intentions, feels at the same time a pledge to protect and defend him. And then begins the inexorable series of adventures brought on by Alex’s prearranged plan that sees murder, attempted reconciliation and betrayal, and ending with the destruction of the family of Moran, but also with the death of Judy. Alex is saved when Charlie dies in the final furious battle, the son of Moran.

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