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Le due face del dollaro – Italian title
Poker d’assi – Italian title
Poker d’as pour Django – French title
As Duas Faces do Dolar – Brazilian title
Stinkende Dollar – German title
Adios Amigos – German title
Django – sein Colt singt sechs Strophen – German title
Ola gia ola – Greek title
Heads or Heads – English title
Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun – English title
Two Sides of the Dollar – English title
The Two Faces of the Dollar – English title
A 1967 Italian, French co-production [Tigielle 33 (Rome), Les Films du Griffon (Paris)]
Producers: Francesco Giorgi, Antonio Lucatelli
Director: Roberto Bianchi Montero
Story: Alberto Silvestri, Franco Verucci
Screenplay: Alberto Silvestri, Franco Verucci
Cinematography: Stelvio Massi [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Giosofat (Giosofatte Capuano), Mario Capuano
Running time: 97 minutes
Django/Honey/Miele – Monty Greenwood (Maurice Poli)
Mathematicus/Mad Michael – Jacques Herlin (Jacques Dejouette)
Colonel Blackgrave – Gerard Herter (Gerhard Herter)
Sergeant Lodge – Mario Maranzana
Colonel Talbert – Andrea Bosic (Ignazio Božič)
Jane/Janet – Gabriella Giorgelli
Major Tate – Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Lieutenant Thomas/Joseph Sinclair - Andrew Scott (Andrea Scotti)
Lieutenant Laffan – Valentino Macchi
Official at Fort Henderson – Ivan Scratuglia
Mexican bandit – Fortunato Arena
Gunsmith – Ennio Balbo
Bank manager – Calisto Calisti
Warrant Office at Fort Henderson – Claudio Ruffini
Bandits – Osiride Pevarello, Pietro Torissi, Spartaco Conversi
Lieutenant at Fort Henderson - Ivan Scratuglia (Giovanni Scratuglia)
Soldier – Albercio Donadeo
With: Ferruccio Viotti, Dony Baster (Donato Baster), Nello Riviè (Nello Rivieccio), Artemio Antonini, Mario Cecchi

An English professor, Mathematics, decides to steal a large quantity of gold with the help of Honey, a young gunslinger, Blackgrave, a former disbarred army colonel, and a young woman named Jane. With a ploy the group enters the fortified location of the gold. Honey, on his way to the crime is stopped and taken to jail, once he gets locked up in the prison, he escapes and reaches the place where the gold is kept. Then Jane and Blackgrave with a winch system load the gold onto the carriage of Mathematics, replacing the stolen gold with a few bags filled with earth. Jane mysteriously disappears and the three men try to escape with the load, but they are attacked by a group of bandits led by Sinclair, an officer of the garrison. In the struggle Jane, Honey and Sinclair die; Blackgrave in a rage before being arrested by soldiers of the fort who have appeared, kills Mathematics who had tried in vain to run away with the gold.

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