Monday, July 14, 2014

Remembering Adalberto Albertini

Adalberto ‘Bitto’ Albertini was born on July 14, 1924 in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. ‘Bitto’ began his film career as a cameraman, and in 1969 he directed “War Devils”. Albertini directed and wrote screenplays and was cinematographer on five Euro-westerns: “The Terror of Oklahoma” (1959) and “The Sign of Zorro” (1962) he was cinematographer. On “A Stranger in Sacramento” (1965) as Al Albert he was the cinematographer and screenwriter. On “The Twilight Avengers (1970) and “The Return of Shanghai Joe” he was director and screenwriter. 
In 1974 Albertini directed “Black Emanuelle” starring the then unknown Laura Gemser. Her subsequent successful career meant that she was absent from “Black Emanuelle No 2”, and Albertini instead had to cast actress Sharon Leslie in the title role. The film without Gemser was unsuccessful, and Albertini was ruined.
In 1977 he released “Yellow Emanuelle” as a comeback. The film, starring Chai Lee, was very successful. However the film never reached the popularity of Joe D'Amato's series. Albertini was by then an almost forgotten director, his last two films were "Mondo's" set in Asia, depicting socking rituals and savage violence. Bitto is perhaps best remembered for giving the world Laura Gemser.
He died in Zagarolo, Rome, Italy on February 22, 1999 at age 74.
Today we remember Adalberto ‘Bitto’ Albertini on what would have been his 90th birthday.

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