Monday, July 7, 2014


Il pisotlero segnato de Dio – Italian title
Due pistole per un vigliacco – Italian title
O Pistoleiro Marcado por Deus – Brazilian title
Skarpskytten hævner – Danish title
Kaksi asetta pelkurille – Finnish title
Deux pistolets pour un lâche – French title
O pistolero me to simadi tou Theou – Greek title
Revolverhelten – Norwegian title
O Pistoleiro Designado Por Deus – Portuguese title
El pistolero que odiaba la muerte – Spanish title
Skjuta är silver - döda är guld – Swedish title
A Gunman Sent by God – English title
Two Guns and a Coward – English title
Two Pistols and a Coward – English title
A 1968 Italian production [G.V. Produzioni (Rome)]
Producer: Nino Battiferri
Director: Calvin Jackson Padget (Giorgio Ferroni)
Story: Giorgio Ferroni, Augusto Finocchi
Screenplay: Remigio Del Grosso, Augusto Finocchi
Cinematography: Sandro Mancori (Alessandro Mancori), Mario Bava [Eastmancolor]
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Running time: 98  minutes
Gary McGuire/Roy Kerry – Anthony Steffen (Antonio de Teffe)
Coleman – Richard Wyler (Richard Stapley)
Owl Roy – Ken Wood (Gianfranco Cianfriglia)
Jonathan Murphy – Anrea Bosic (Ignazio Božič)
Ringmaster – Nello Pazzafini (Giovanni Pazzafini)
Bludy – Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Tony Murphy – Marco Stefanelli
Maggie - Liz Barrat (Luisa Barratto)
Dora – Gia Sandri
Sheriff – Benito Stefanelli
Norton – Furio Meniconi
Thomas Clay – William Bosch
Circus performers – Bruno Boschetti, Pietro Ceccarelli, Franco Ukmar
Henchman in saloon – Paolo Magalotti
Man at circus – Renzo Pevarello
Barman – Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)
Roy’s henchman – Chiappafreddo Enrico (Enrico Chiappafreddo)
Saloon patron – Elio Angelucci
Townsman – Ennio Balbo
Henchmen – Borgese Salvatore (Salvatore Borgese), Romano Puppo
With: Max Dean (Massimo Righi), Gentile Fedele (Fedele Gentile), Rina Franchetti (Ester Girgenti), Valentino Macchi, Ugo Andinolfi, Riccardo Pizzuti, De Santis Lucio (Lucio De Santis), Marturano Luigi (Luigi Marturano), Luigi Ciavarro

Gary McGuire, a young man who earns a living as a circus performer showing off his skills in pistol shooting, assists, unseen, in the killing of several outlaws left behind by their boss Roy Owl, who takes possession of the proceeds of a robbery. The massacre is attributed to Gary who, not having the courage to deny it, becomes the object of general admiration that turns into ridicule, when the real culprit, beats him in a contest of skill, making him look ridiculous in front of everyone. In fact, Gary is the victim of psychological trauma suffered as a boy, when he was accused by his father of the accidental death of his brother, which stops him from carrying out every aspect of violence. So when Tony, a boy, whose father was killed by a certain Coleman, enlists the help of Gary, to regain possession of his property. Coleman, is informed that Tony knows the place where his father hid the money, does not hesitate to kidnap the boy and seize Gary, to help locate the cache. The sight of the boy being beaten, is finally able to shake the numbness of his trauma. Gary manages to escape during the night and alone, attacks the Coleman ranch. His exceptional abilities, as well as the unexpected and timely help of his old comrades from the circus, soon turn the tide in his favor. Coleman is killed and Owl is brought to justice.


  1. Hi Tom:
    I spoted two typos in the portuguese title:

    O Pistoleiro Designado por Deus

  2. Thanks Antonio. Corrected. You never would have guessed I took Latin in high school. How I missed Deus is beyond me. Best, Tom

  3. No problem, Tom, it happens. But there is another typo in the word "Pistiliero", the correct one is "Pistoleiro" as in the brazilian title.
    All the best my friend.

  4. Biltmore: According to Tim Lucas's book on Mario Bava, Bava did second unit photography 'on this hard to see' pic.