Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Remembering Attilio Dottesio

Attilio Dottesio was born on July 16, 1909 in Desenzano sul Garda, Brescia, Italy. He began his career in show business as a singer, performing for a long time in France in the early thirties, where he also appeared in a film by Sacha Guitry. He returned to Rome following to take courses at the Experimental Center of Cinematography, graduating in acting in 1942 and debuting with the direction of Palermi in the Italian cinema with the film “La peccatrice”.
Thus began a career of nearly 150 films, including all genres. Dottesio also worked occasionally in radio and voice dubbing.
Attilio appeared in over 40 Euro-westerns from “Kill Johnny Ringo in 1965 toThe Return of Shanghai Joe” in 1974. Most of his appearances were as gang members, peons and occasionally a sheriff or deputy. He was sometimes credited under the aliases William Burke, Attilio Dotte, Dean Reese and Dan Reesy.
Attilio ended his career in 1984 and died in Rome, Italy on February 12, 1989.
Today we remember Attilio Dottesio on what would have been his 105th birthday.

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