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2 RRRingos no Texas – Italian title
Due rrringos nel Texas – Italian title
2 RRRingos no Texas - Brazilian title
Zwei Trottel nel Texas – German title
Franco – Ciccio: Ta koroida tou Syntagmatos – Greek title
Oi 2 ringos tou Texas – Greek title
Dos forateros en Texas – Spanish title
Two R-R-Ringos from Texas – English title
A 1967 Italian production [Circus Film, Fono Roma (Rome)]
Producer: Francesco Orefici
Director: Frank Martin (Marino Girolami)
Story: Amedeo Sollazzo, Roberto Gianviti, Marino Girolami
Screenplay: Amedeo Sollazzo, Roberto Gianviti
Cinematography: Mario Fioretti [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Carlo Savina
Song: “Siamo risamti in tre” sung by I Cantori Moderni
Running time: 94 minutes
Franco Caterina – Franco Franchi
Sergeant Ciccio Stevens – Ciccio Ingrassia
Bruce – Enio Girolami
Union Captain – Livio Lorenzon
Evelyn – Gloria Paul
Willy – Silvio Bagolini
Gambler – Ignazio Balsamo
Sentenza/Leather Jane – Hélène Chanel (Hélène Stoharoff)
Ciro – Ciro [Stefano Sibaldi voice]
Gloria – Mirella Pamphili
Fat woman – Gina Mascetti
Confederate Captain – Enzo Andronico
Union soldier – Maurizio Merli
Union cannoneer – Angelo Casadei
Sentenza/Leather Jane’s henchman – Osiride Pevarelli
Franco’s 1st dance partner - Rosella Bergamonti
With: Walter Marchetti, Lucio Fulci, Adriano Uriani, Guglielmo Bogliani, Albercio Donadeo

Franco, the only man in a village in Texas is drunk and forced to enlist by Ciccio, a Confederate Sergeant. Warned by a courier, the commander orders the release of the garrison. Franco, in charge of saddling a horse, he’s told by a talking horse named Cyrus, to warn the captain that the courier is a spy and that Northerners will be ambushed. Learning where the information came from, the commander has Franco jailed. The horse manages to free Franco and they run away while the garrison returns decimated. The commander sends Ciccio after Franco, convinced by the horse, joins the two. During their travels they meet Bill Carson who promises them $1,000 to report a message to a certain Evelyne that there is a treasure: $200,000. Cyrus knows the place where it is buried, and the two men go to retrieve it. After several adventures they are captured and tortured by Leather Jane, who is also in search of the treasure, the two reach the cemetery where the treasure is hidden and find the grave empty. Chased by bandits and Indians, they are saved once again by the horse.

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