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Who Are Those Guys? - Ettore Bevilacqua

Ettore Bevilacqua was born on March 13, 1918 in Montecarotto, Ancona, Marche, Italy. Ettore’s parents along with his four brothers and sisters moved to Rome when he was 12 years-old. Ettore fought in Yugoslavia during World War II and was almost crushed by a tank. Later he came into contact with the world of film making through the ranks as an usher at the Scalera Film Theater and later became a coach of many actors and confidant of Federico Fellini and became his personal trainer. A character actor, he appeared in fourteen films and TV appearances from his first appearance in “The Bicycle Thief” in 1948 until 1974. He worked almost exclusively with Fidani and like many character actors little has been published about their lives. Ettore appeared in only one Euro-western: “Il bandolero stanco” (1952). Bevilacqua passed away on February 28, 1979 in Rome, Italy. He was only 60 years old.
BEVILACQUA, Ettore [3/13/1918, Montecarotto, Ancona, Marche, Italy - 2/28/1979, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – TV actor.
Il bandolero stanco - 1952


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  3. Thanks Fatman. The longer biography is on an Italian site that does not allow you to copy and paste so I was not able to translate much of what was there. I did add some of the information to the previous post and again thank you for the links. Anyone who can read Italian please use the second link Fatman has posted to get better biography on Ettore than I was able to provide.

  4. That's what google translate is giving: Part ONE

    '' Hello Mac , see you tomorrow ...''
    So Federico Fellini greeted him every morning, after doing gymnastics and massage

    THE STATION MONTECAROTTOEttore Bevilacqua was born March 13 , 1918 in Montecarotto in the province of Ancona.
    Her dad was butcher Emilio , her mother Josefa housewife. He has four brothers : Active, Large Copper , Anna and Giuliana . Soon the family moved to Rome. Hector is fond of boxing enough to become a teacher.

    He fought in the Second World War in Yugoslavia. He told of when the Slavs were hiding in the trees dug to escape the enemy. He never killed . Suffered a serious accident. A tank crushed it . He was barely alive .
    During the years of Fascism goes with Liliana De Angelis , his great love. They had three children: Lucia , Verbena and Mauritius.

    Ettore Bevilacqua enters the world of cinema as an usher in the forties initially studied film La Scalera Film which soon became the most important Italian film production company . Of that time, he always told the meeting with Sophia Loren still very young always accompanied by her mother to countless auditions . They were days of great poverty and Ettore often shared lunch with Sophia still a child . He always told also of the small Franco Interlenghi then cast in the film by Vittorio De Sica ' Shoeshine ' .

    Soon began to be loved by the greatest of the time and tried the way a character actor . At the same time he became a teacher of boxing and professional masseur .

    It became a staple for actors like Giuliano Gemma , Christian - Jaque , Burt Lancaster, Terence Hill, Vittorio Gassman, Marcello Mastroianni , Sandra Milo . After the experience at the Scalera Film began to play roles in several films : from 'The Bandolero tired ' with Renato Rascel , to ' A day in district court ' with Peppino De Filippo , in ' The Holy takes aim ' with Christian - Jaque and Raffaella Carra, the ' Satyricon ' by Federico Fellini.

    Optimistic by nature once showed up at an audition for a film about Vikings. The average height was 1.90 . He , little , put on the helmet Viking monster his long mustache and huge smile that always accompanied him . The director laughed when she saw him emerge from a row. He laughed and took it.

    His career as a massage therapist always said :'' the perfect male body is to Vittorio Gassman, women , the most beautiful of all is Liz Taylor '' . Cinecittà was the new Hollywood during the filming of ' Cleopatra ' . The Taylor suffered from extreme pain in the back for a fall from his horse at the age of 8 years. Ettore Bevilacqua every day during the filming of Cleopatra massaged by allowing it to continue with the work .

    He also worked alongside Anna Magnani in the film '' Red Shirts '' . Magnani's always told his stern look and his extreme professionalism on set.


    The work and the personal relationship of friendship with the great Oscar-winning director Federico Fellini opens a new chapter of his life. Was at his side during the filming of the most famous films . His face is portrayed in many pictures of the set of the film ' La Dolce Vita ' , photos published in many newspapers on the day of death of Federico Fellini . It soon became the right arm of the director, always at his side at Cinecittà . It was his personal trainer for 30 years. Every morning she went to the home of Fellini where between a chat and a confidence made ​​him play his usual physical activity. Ms. Maria , the housekeeper , opened the little door at 8 Fellini . Hector passed the bedroom of Fellini and whispered to him : '' Federico , are the 8 ...'' . Fellini got up shortly after and began the day along with gymnastics, swimming and massages . Every morning on time. Until 1979. When Ettore Bevilacqua left. Ettore Bevilacqua was an extraordinary man , generous, full of life. Anyone who knew him remember him with great affection.

    He met many actors. Often visited the boat of Toto and went to find Tognazzi Torvajanica ( village Tognazzi ) . One day he brought Terence Hill home because the daughters they were in love , but to the surprise fled to the bathroom.
    He was a friend of Giuliano Gemma , Marcello Mastroianni , family and Interlenghi Gora , Walter Chiari , Sandra Milo , Alberto Sordi and of course Federico Fellini he called his '' Lighthouse '' .