Monday, September 23, 2013

Remembering Maria Perschy

The gorgeous brunette Herta-Maria Perschy was born on September 23, 1938, in Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria. Maria moved to Vienna at age 17 to study acting at the prestigious Max Reinhardt Seminar. After finishing her education in Vienna, Perschy moved to Germany for further training and began her career acting in German comedies in the mid-1950s. She went on to act in an eclectic array of movies in such genres as drama, horror, Western and action/adventure, made in Europe and the U.S.A.. Maria was usually cast in sexpot roles in her English-language films. She was nominated for the Golden Laurel Award for Top Female New Face in 1964. In 1971 she suffered a burn injury while filming a movie in Spain and underwent several operations before resuming her career. In 1977 she moved to Los Angeles and was married to writer John Melson [1930-1983] who committed suicide in 1983. In 1985 she moved back to her native Austria and continued to act in both plays and TV series.
Maria Perschy died from cancer at age 66 on December 3, 2004; she was married twice and was survived by a daughter.
Maria appeared in three Euro-westerns: “Bandits of the Rio Grande” (1965), “The Tall Women” (1966) and “Seven for Pancho Villa” (1967).
Today we remember Maria Perschy on what would have been her 75th birthday.


  1. And I miss her deeply; she is one of my favorites cult actress! Good that you remembered her, my friend!

    Stephan Segantini, Brazil

  2. During what film was she burned? Murders in the Rue Morgue? This was shot in Spain in 1971.

  3. She suffered burns in a 1971 filming and Murders of the Rue Morgue was her only credited film that year so I think your assumption is correct.

  4. If so, it's very odd because as you recall, in the film, Herbert Lom pours acid on her face in her bedroom.