Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shoot Amigo, Shoot!

Spara Amigo, Spara! – Italian title
Shoot Amigo, Shoot! – English title
A 1998 Italian production [Trinity Films (Rome)]
Producer: Alberto Donati
Director: Alberto Donati
Story: Alberto Donati
Screenplay: Alberto Donati
Cinematography:  Alberto Donati [color]
Music: Guidi Mecco (Michele Guidi), Alberto Donati
Running time: 22 minutes
Ettore Mazzoli, Alessandro Baldassari, Matteo Capponi, Carla Cavina, Katia Argalia, Matteo Lamargese, Michele Guidi, Andrea Tavacca, Daniele Merlo, Vania Galeotti, Matteo Berardi, Andrea Marra
A gunman seeks revenge on those who have betrayed him.
YouTube Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JXKoSVaYNw


  1. The Trailer looks good. Is there any way to watch the whole movie?

  2. The film is not on DVD or on You Tube so we are out of luck at this time.