Monday, September 16, 2013

New Film Release

A new western film, starring non-actors, shot in the mines and forests, former prisons and landscapes of Pietrasanta. The director of the short film "The Green Furies" is 19 year old Diego Bonucelli, Pietrasanta resident with a huge passion for film. Horse chases, shootouts, saloon, the good and the bad, with a sheriff and an outlaw always on the border between good and evil: Bonucelli, with infinite attention to detail, is staging a film that, in all likelihood, is destined to be a leader in the coming festivals dedicated to short the film genre. For those wishing to learn more can go to The Green Furies Facebook page.

The Green Furies – English title
A 2012 production [Goodbird Films (Pietrasanta)]
Producer: Diego Bonuccelli
Director: Diego Bonuccelli
Story: Diego Bonuccelli
Screenplay: Diego Bonuccelli
Cinematography: Diego Bonuccelli [color]
Music: Fabrizio Pala
Running time: 40 minutes
Fhloston Flanagan – Markus Goodbirds (Marco Bonuccelli)
Porter Murphy – R. W. Columbini (Robert Walter Columbini)
Miller – Marco Bonuccelli
Tommy – Tomasso Bonuccelli
Penn Blackwater – Cesare Tarabella
With: Cesare Paccoman Poli, Alessandro Biagi, Fabrizio Palla, Lora Anita Santini, Antonio Meccheri, Mariaclara Nardini, Tessa Nardini Lorenzo Bertolaccini, Karla Seahands, Antonio Susy Meccheri, Fabrizio Palla, Laura Togni, Diego Bonuccelli, Silvia Federigi, Stefania Neri, Roberto Panichi, Silvia Stronati, Lawrence Thomas Martinelli, Marty Maffei, Laura Esme Brocchini, Marisa Savino, Tommasso Del Signore, Francesco Andreozzi, Carlo Dati, Valentina Bonini