Saturday, September 7, 2013


Schiet Ringo, Schiet Dan! – Dutch title
Spara Ringo, Spara! – Italian title
Shoot, Ringo Shoot! – English title
A 2010 Dutch production [Hungry Bears Productions]
Producer: Wouter Jansen
Director: Wouter Jansen
Story: Jan H. de Hartog, Wouter Jansen
Screenplay: Jan H. de Hartog, Wouter Jansen
Cinematography: H.W. Jansen, Jan H. de Hartog [color]
Music: Bertin van Vliet
Running time: 4 minutes
Ringo - Rutger Hollander
Butch McCloud – Harem F. Kamst
Clayton – Harmen Siepel

Ringo and his opponent Butch McCloud want their gun duel to be captured on film, and ask for assistance to the nature photographer Clayton
YouTube complete film short:

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