Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy 90th Birthday Mirko Ellis

Mirko Loy Dona Alessandro Korcinsky was born on September 4, 1923 in Locarno, Switzerland. His family is of Lithuanian origin. Tall, blond with a beautiful physical presence began acting in Italy using his real name in a film by Aldo Vergano “Il sole sorge ancora” in 1946, effectively playing the role of a young Nazi officer and showing great artistic skills and adherence to the physical character of being cold and cynical.
Some years later, in 1948, he repeated the same role, this time with irony in the satirical feature film “Accidenti alla guerra!...” directed by Giorgio Simonelli.
In 1947 appearing, again under his real name, in the theater with Mary Spalato in a marginal role; since 1949 he’s used the stage name of Mieko Ellis compared the unspeakable Korcinsky and with which he gained fame playing a young aviator in the film “Rondini in volo” directed by Luigi Capuano.
In the early fifties he was very active on the big screen, without quite reaching the fame that perhaps he deserved, being used in films discretely billed. In the same period he was part of several theatrical companies: in 1951 it was at the Theatre of the Satyrs and later in a team led by Elena Zareschi, Maria Letizia Celli and Mario Pisu, which she starred in “Anastasia” (1956) with Marcelle Maurette and Guy Bolton directed by Adolfo Geri.
In 1957 he made his debut on television in the comedy ‘La cucina degli angeli’ by Albert Husson, under the direction of Alexander Brissoni, alongside Mario Scaccia and Carlo Ninchi, then in 1959 he appeared in the memorable ‘L'isola del tesoro’ (‘Treasure Island’) directed by Anton Giulio Majano.
He then walked away from the small screen for a long time, only to reappear in ‘A proposito di Francis Macomber’ (1977) directed by Giorgio Moser. Returning to the big screen where he appeared in 14 Euro-westerns from “Shatterhand” (1964) to “Bad Kids of the West” (1973). Some his best remembered films were “Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West” (1965), “Arizona Colt” (aka “The Man from Nowhere”) (1966) and “Long Live Death... Yours!” (1971). In 1980 he gave up acting and retired.
Today we celebrate Mirko Ellis’ 90th birthday.

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