Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Spanish Western Short

Descenso al infierno – Spanish title
Descent Into Hell – English title
A 2012 Spanish production
Producers: Bernat Oliva, Anna Arnau, Sergi Arnau, Jaume Najarro
Director: Sergi Arnau
Story: Sergi Arnau
Screenplay: Sergi Arnau
Cinematography: Sergio Gimenez, Edu Jimenez [color]
Music: Pol Parés
Running time: 19 minutes
Old - José María Blanco
Grilletes - Pau Barredo (Pau Barredo Aparicio)
Verdugo - Pere Nuñez
Villagers - Fernando Cruz,
Man with knife - Toni López
With: Mariano Manichi, Joan Peiró

An old cowboy, that lives isolated in the mountains and haunted by his past, decides to return to his village. On reaching the village he finds all the villagers murdered and upon reaching the the chapel he finds his brother has been hung and burned. He decides to cross the mountains in search of his former enemies.

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