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Le gardien des espirits – French title
O Espirito de Silencio – Brazilian title
Schweigende Zungue – Die Rache der Geister – German title
Siopili glossa – Greek title
Cicha Zemsta – Polish title
Lengua silenciosa – Spanish title
Ghost Rider – Indian Magic – Swedish title
Tand for tunga – Swedish title
Silent Tongue – U.S.A. title
A 1993 French production [Belbo Films, Alive Films, Canal+ (Paris)]
Producers: Ludi Boeken, Carolyn Pfeiffer
Director: Sam Shepard (Samuel Rogers)
Story: Sam Shepard (Samuel Rogers)
Screenplay: Sam Shepard (Samuel Rogers)
Cinematography: Jack Conroy [Deluxe color, Panavision]
Music: Patrick O’Hearn
Running time: 106 minutes
Prescott Roe – Richard Harris
Awbonnie/Ghost – Sheila Tousey
Eamon McCree – Alan Bates
Talbot Roe – River Phoenix
Reeves McCree – Dermot Mulroney
Velada McCree – Jeri Arredondo
Silent Tongue – Tantoo Cardinal (Rose Cardinal)
Comic – Bill Irwin (William Irwin)
Straight man – David Shiner
Medicine Show Band – Red Clay Ramblers
Midget acrobats – Arturo Gil, Joseph Griffo
Petrified man – Billy Beck (Frank Billerbeck)
Boy tap dancer – Philip Attmore
Kiowa drummer – Al Lujan
Fire-eater – Devino Trioche
Contortionist – April Tatro
Stagecoach driver – Tim Carroll
Young Reeves – Nicholas Ortiz y Pino
Buffalo hunter – Robert Harnsberger
Owner – Fred Maio
Easterners – David E. Wynne, Sky Fabian, Leslie Fleming-Mitchell
Prostitute – Jill Momaday
Prairie girl – Lyn Davis (Lynne Davies)
‘The Lone Man’ – Tim Scott (Timothy Scott)
Stunts: Micki Dahn Akard, James ‘Scotty’ Augate, Pat Judge Hall, Alvin William ‘Dutch’ Lunaki, Shelly Bird Matthews, Allan R.J. Joseph

A young man named Talbot Roe, has gone insane over the death of his wife. Talbot's father, Prescott Roe feels his son's pain and wants to find him a new wife. He goes back to the place where he bought Talbot's first wife, from Eamon McCree. He finds the dead wife's sister, who is a champion horse rider and Mr. McCree's daughter, which makes her only half-Indian. Roe asks McCree if he could have his last daughter for his son, but McCree refuses. Then, Roe kidnaps her and tries to get her to help him, and she takes the deal for gold and four horses. But Talbot isn't taking any chances on her—he's too afraid that she'll try to take his wife's corpse from him. And for the last few nights, he sees the ghost of his dead wife, who wants him to destroy her corpse, but he won't.
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