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Der Schuh des Manitu – German title
Der Schuh des Manitu - Extra large – German title
Manitu saabas – Estonia title
Qui peut sauver le Far West? – French title
Manitu bocskora – Hungarian title
But Manitou – Polish title
Мокасины Маниту – Russian title
El tesoro de manitú – Spanish title
Ulu manitu – Turkish title
Manitou's Shoe – English title
The Shoe of Manitu – English title
A [herbX Medienproduktion GmbH, Constantin Film Produktion, Seven Pictures, Pro 7 (Munich)]
Producer: Bernd Eichinger, Michael Bully Herbig, Michael Wolf
Director: Michael Bully Herbig, Alfons Biedermann, Rick Kavanian, Murmel Clausen
Story: Michael Bully Herbig, Alfons Biedermann, Rick Kavanian, Murmel Clausen
Screenplay: Michael Bully Herbig
Cinematography: Stephan Schuh, Eddie Schneidermeier (extended edition) [color]
Music: Ralf Wengenmayr
Running time: 87 minutes, 100 minutes (extended edition)
Abahachi / Winnetouch / Gray Starling (extended edition) - Michael Bully Herbig
Ranger - Christian Tramitz
Santa Maria - Sky du Mont (Kaietano DuMont)
Uschi - Marie Bäumer (Henrike Bäumer)
Hombre - Hilmi Sözer
Dimitri - Rick Kavanian
John – Tim Wilde
Jim - Siegfried Terpoorten
Joe - Robinson Reichel
Jack - Oliver Wnuk
Chief Cunning Bastard - Irshad Panjatan
Shoshones - Tim Sikyea, Robert Alan Packard, Salvatore Pascale
Fake Hair – Antonio Ramirez
Barman - Josef Hannesschläger
Sheriff - Gerd Lohmeyer
Karl May - Alexander Held (Gerald Held)
Blonde squaw - Diana Herold
Slave at the window - Ramon de Habugo (Paul Hayes)
Narrator - Friedrich Schoenfelder
Stunts: Mac Steinmeier, Joaquin Olias (Joaquin Olias Mena), Francisco Barrilado, Manuel Cerdan, Alejandro Cobo (Alejandro Cobo Garcia), Rafael E. López, Diego Jiminez Flores

                                                             Extended addition

Mother - Anke Engelke
Apache photographer - Herbert Feuerstein
Uschi as a teenager - Natalia Avelon (Natalie Avelon)
Abahachi as a kid - Sinan Palanci
Winnetouch as a kid - Kenan Palanci
Father - Philipp Krause
Kiowa leader - Roland Künzel
Apache midwife - Regine El Gokhy
Star Dancers - Hanina Banaga, Patricia Dick
Breakdance double - Aloun Phetnoi
Mexican musicians - Mariachi Acapulco
Abahachi / Winnetouch as a baby - Lia Sophie Dittner

Abahachi, Chief of the Apache Indians, and his blood brother Ranger maintain peace and justice in the Wild West. Abahachi needs to collect a favor in the way of money from the Shoshones to finance his tribe's new saloon. Unfortunately Santa Maria, who sold the saloon, betrays Abahachi and takes the money and leaves. Soon, the Shoshones are on the warpath to get their money back, and Abahachi is forced to come up with the funds quickly. Luckily, his twin brother Winnetouch, the beautiful dancer Uschi and the Greek Dimitri each own a quarter of a treasure map that leads them to 'The Shoe of Manitu'. There, Santa Maria already awaits for them to take their newly found treasure away. But he underestimates the determination of Abahachi and his friends.

[This film is the most successful movie in German history. An expanded version “Der Schuh des Manitu - Extra large” was released on video with additional scenes.]

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