Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Las Cruces: Silver Starr - Italian title
Shuna: the Legend - English title
A 2011 Italian production [West 46th Films (Rome)]
Producer: Alessandro Parrello, Giampaolo Duranti    Massimo Sperati
Director: Emiliano Ferrera
Story: Emiliano Ferrera
Screenplay: Emiliano Ferrera, Igor Maltagliati, Alezzandro Parello   David Tettoni
Cinematography: Cosimo Fiore [color]
Music: Vittorio Giannelli  Emiliano Ferrera
Running time: ?
Shuna – Ada Perotti (Hong Hu)
Joe Galvez – Alex Parrello (Alessandro Parrello)
Randall McNally - Stefano Fregni
Dickins - Franco Trevisi
Stark - Francesco Cabras
Liz – Laura Baldi
with: Enzo Castellari (Enzo Girolami), Simone Pieroni, Francis Goat, Andrea Fitoavanti, Angela Pablico, Marco Caldoro, Hong Hu
Stunts: Angelo Allegretti, Benedetto Lo Monaco

2009 Cast:
Shuna - Monica Pellini, Joe Galvez - Mendez Maurizio Sinibaldi, Sciamana - Vanda Carboni, Zeb - Angelo Amoretti, Stark - Benedetto Lo Monaco, Jhon - Giuseppe Cannistraro, Frank p Emiliano Ferrera, with: Stefano Liberati, Paolo Galiano

New Mexico, 1874. Indians are being persecuted and killed by the Americans. A woman has survived a massacre and with her rifle and Winchester she seeks justice. Known under the name of Shuna, she encounters and kills the brother of Joe Galvez a feared bandit who now wants revenge and a closer of accounts with the Indio, keeper of a secret that concerns them both.

[The film was originally begun in 2009 with Massimo Sperati as Executive Producer and a story by David Tettoni. Director was still Emiliano Ferrera. The cast was completely different even mentioning Giuliana Gemma as a possible participant. The following cast and crew were: Shuna - Monica Pellini, Mendez - Maurizio Sinibaldi, Sciamana - Vanda Carboni, Zeb - Angelo Amoretti, Stark – Benedetto lo Monaco, Jhon - Giuseppe Cannistraro, Frank - Emiliano Ferrerea, Joe - Paolo Galiano and with Stefano Liberati. This production was never completed and two years later in 2011 Shuna: The Legend was completed with the crew and cast listed above.]

YouTube 2009 trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=___kZTDOnUU


  1. Biltmore: Enzo Girolami Castellari was listed early on as an actor?

  2. Yes, that's him pictured with the pistol. He was in the 2011 production.