Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy 80th Birthday Yvonne Bastien

Yvonne Bastién was born on September 17, 1933 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the daughter of a French father and Spanish mother. At thirteen she attended the National Conservatory and studied voice hoping to become an opera singer. She then studied drama at the Teatro Experimental in Buenos Aires under the direction of Josefina Díaz and Manuel Collado. In Argentina she acted under the pseudonym Yvonne de Lys and appeared in several film. Bastién then met Antonio Román [1911-1989] at a party and had a brief relationship with the director during the production of “Último día” (1952) and then returned to Argentina marrying Héctor Julio Díaz the Transportation Minister under Dictator Juan Domingo Perón before the military coup of 1955. Her husband was imprisoned by the new rulers and died there in 1956.
Yvonne moved to Spain and stuck up a new relationship with Román. The two were married in 1958. Yvonne was happy to stay home and raise Román’s two boys. In 1961 she appeared in Román’s film “La moglie di mio marito”. Antonio Román was a friend and protégé of director Mario Bava and talked Bava into using Yvonne in his 1963 western “Apache Fury” in a bit role. Yvonne also appeared in “A Gunman Called Nebraska” (1966) originally directed by Román but was fired for his slow pace and replaced by Bava. Her last film appearance was in 1972’s “Trappola per sette spie”. When Román died in 1989 Yvonne returned to her singing career recording solo as well as a duet album with Nino Nardini. Eventually she returned home to Argentina where she continues to sing and record. Her latest CD being released in 2010 called Yvonne Bastién Volume 2.
Today we celelbrate Yvonne Bastién’s 80th birthday.

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