Monday, September 17, 2012

Nude Django

Django Nudo und die husternen Madchen von Porno Hill – German title
Brand of Shame – U.S.A. title
Nude Django – English title

A 1968 U.S.A., West German co-production [Avis (Hollywood), B&B Productions Urania (Berlin)]
Producer: David F. Friedman (David Frank Friedman), B. Ron Elliott (Byron Mabe), Erwin C.
Director: B. Ron Elliott (Byron Mabe)
Story: David F. Friedman (David Frank Friedman)
Screenplay: Gene Radford, David F. Friedman (David Frank Friedman), Ron Elliott (Byron
Cinematography: I.C. Freely (Andreas Demmer) [Eastmancolor]
Music: Billy Allen (William Castleman), Peter Graf, Walter Baumgartner
Running time: 73 minutes

Miss Mollie - Vanessa Van Dyke (Marsha Jordan)
Django – John Eversteiff
Delilah – Paula Pleasure (Cara Peters)
George – Ronnie Runningboard (Dan Martin)
Steve Turner – Steve Stunning (Steve Vincent)
Rachel Clark - Donna Duzit (Phyllis Corneliss)
Bart Black – Craig Benson
Dancehall girls - Linda Cochran, Kathy Williams (Kathleen Williams)
Stagecoach driver – David F. Friedman (David Frank Friedman)
With: Vic Sav (Edgar Wertz), Ora Fiss (Lynn Hall), Raffael Britten (Raphael Britten), Darlene Darling, Red Rivers

Rachel Clark, a schoolteacher, arrives in town with a map to a gold mine. Delilah, the lesbian dance-hall owner schemes to seduce her. Rachel is kidnaped by Bart who wants the map. He whips her and forces her to have sex with his henchmen until she is saved by Steve Turner.

[Originally released in the U.S.A. as “Brand of Shame” additional footage and a new score was added and released in Germany as “Nude Django”.]

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  1. Michele Rice - I've seen this film. Obviously not very good.