Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NO LAW 4000

NL4K – Swedish title
No Law 4000 – English title

A 2002 Swedish production [Film i Västerbotten, FilmCentrum Norr, Filmpool Nord AB Naiv Bild, Nordiska Scenografiskolan (Stockholm)]
Producer: Johan Lundkvist, Janne Widmark
Director: Robert Lundmark
Story: Robert Lundmark
Screenplay: Robert Lundmark
Cinematography: Niklas Nyberg [color]
Music: Carl Svensson
Running time: 28 minutes

‘The Black Man’ – John Soliman
Space Monkey – Robert Lundmark
Richard – Lars Olsén
‘The Half Indian’ – Fredrik Tafvelin
Bronson Hardcastle – Anders Muammar
Prisoner – Roland Hedlund
Card players – David Johansson, Niklas Larsson
Spider Boone – Fredrik Redelius
Marshal Dexter Lyle – Daniel Rudstedt
Soldier – Mattias Tobiasson
Bartender – Nathalie Westerhind

The year is 4000 and the civilized society no longer exists. Three men and an alien are looking for a legendary treasure, but it does not seem to be as easy as they thought.

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