Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday Nino Fuscagni

Serafino Fuscagni was born on September 12, 1937 in Citti di Castello, Perugia, Italy. He was also known under the aliases: Nino Fuscagni, Juri McFee and Ray Scott. He is an Italian actor and television presenter. Nino’s popularity was gained from his activity in television, where he hosted the program with Lucia Scalera “TV Boys with Giocagiò and Vanna Brosio” which was a popular 1970’s TV music show. He made his film debut in 1960 and played in various B movies such as peplum, musicals, Spaghetti westerns, comedies and crime films. Fuscagni appeared in 6 Euro-westerns from “Two Sergeants of General Custer” (1965) to “A Colt in the Hand of the Devil” (1973). On TV he was also cast in many soap operas and mini-series. Today we celebrate Nino Fuscagni’s 75th birthday.

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