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Una lunga fila di croci – Italian title
Una longa fila de cruzes – Brazilian title

Une longue file de croiz – French title
Django und Sartana, die tödlichen zwei – German title
Oi ateleitotoi stavroi tis Vera Cruz – Greek title
Monomahia sti Vera Cruz – Greek title
Sem espaco para morrer – Portuguese title
Una horca para D’jango – Spanish title
Una larga fila de cruces – Spanish title
A Noose for Django – English title
A Hanging for Django – English title
No Room to Die – English title

A 1969 Italian production [Junior Film (Rome)]
Producer: Gabriele Crisanti
Director: Willy S. Regan (Sergio Garrone)
Story: Sergio Garrone
Screenplay: Sergio Garrone
Cinematography: Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, Cromoscope]
Music: Vasco & Mancuso (Vasili Kojucharov, Elsio Mancuso)
Song: “Maja” sung by Franco Morselli
Running time: 101 minutes

Johnny Brandon/Django – Anthony Steffen (Antonio de Teffe)
Everett ‘Bible’ Murdock/Sartana – William Berger (Wilhelm Berger)
Maya/Maja – Nicoletta Machiavelli
Fargo – Riccardo Garrone
Captain Stone – Claudio Ruffini
Captain Stofer – Franco Ukmar
Brandon’s partner – Mario Brega
Carl Smart – Gilberto Galimberti (Gian Luca Galimberti)
Manuel Santana – Emilio Messina
Buck Sullivan – Giancarlo Sisti
Betty – Mariangela Giordano (Maria Giordana)
Rodriguez – Robert Messina
Fargo henchmen – Franco Ukmar, Giovanni Ukmar, Angelo Susani, Renzo Pevarelli, Dakar (Alejandro Barrera)
Sheriff – Amadeo Timpani
Innkeeper – Teodoro Corra
Mexican – Giorgio Dolfin
Mexican dressed leader of gunmen in hostel saloon – Fred Robsahm (Fredrik Robsahm)
With: Giulio Mauroni, Gabriele Torrei, Romano Milani

Two bounty killers, Brandon and Murdock, called "Bible," have joined forces to collect twenty thousand dollars for the capture and hanging of the henchmen of Fargo, an individual enriched by importing illegally from Mexico peons that are sold for cheap labor. In reality, though, "Bible" is secretly working with Fargo, for protection. Brandon, unaware, goes to Fargo to obtain the release of Maya, a young woman and friend of the peons that was kidnapped to force her to marry him. "Bible" and Fargo then try to kill him, but Brandon manages to kill them and frees Maya, they give the money to the peons which had been earned at their expense by the two villains.

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  1. One of my favourites. Watched at the cinema years ago and bought the DVD from Japan.

    Things we do eh!

    All the best
    David D.