Monday, August 13, 2012

Who are Those Guys? - John Benedy

Giovanni Di Benedettis was born in 1938 in Mesagne, Puglia, Italy. Known to moviegoers by the alias John Benedy, John Benedit and Gianni Di Benedettis, he was a regular performer in fumetti and fotoromanzi magazines, including recurring roles in Killing and Sadistik.  He started appearing in films in the early 1960s. He first came to audience attention with his performance in the film “7 Golden Women Against Two 07” (1966). He is not to be confused with the actor  Giovanni Di Benedetto who has a similar name. Benedy appeared in some 10 films and TV appearances from 1966 – 1981, among which was one Euro-western: “Kill Django… Kill First” in 1971. As of 2009 he was living on a ranch in Puglia, Italy.

BENEDY, John (aka John Benedit, John Bennedy, Gianni Di Benedettis) (Giovanni Di Benedettis) [1938, Mesagne, Puglia, Italy -     ] - TV actor.
Kill Django... Kil First - 1971

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