Friday, August 10, 2012


El escuadrón de la muerte – Spanish title
Escuadron mueron – Spanish title
Per un dollar di gloria – Italian title
Sierra Nevada – Italian title
Rio Bravosta pohjoiseen – Finnish title
Pour un dollar de gloire – French title
Por um dólar de glória - Portuguese title
Ära för en dollar – Swedish title
Mutiny at Fort Sharp – U.S.A.title

A 1965 Spanish, Italian co-production [Fénix (Madrid), Terra Filmes (Rome)]
Producers: Giancarlo Mercatelli, Luigi Annibaldi
Director: Fernando Cerchio
Story: Jesús Navarro Carrión
Screenplay: Fernando Cerchio, Ugo Liberatore
Cinematography: Emilio Foriscot [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Carlo Savina
Running time: 94 minutes

Colonel Lennox – Broderick Crawford (William Crawford)
Brenda – Elisa Montes (Elisa Penella)
Captain Claremont – Mario Valdemarin
Lieutenant Doctor Foster – Umberto Ceriani
Sergeant Ross – Hugo Arden  (Domenico Sasso)
Lieutenant Alwood – Julio Pena (Julio Muñoz)
Mary Miles – Mercedes Barranco
Kota - María Antonia Hernández
Confederate soldiers - Tomás Picó (Tomás Hormeno), José Canalejas, José Sancho, José Marco (José Rosello)
With: Nando Angelini, Alfonso Estela, Carlos Mendy, Lina Yergos (Avelina Anton), Alicia Altabella, Quety de la Cámara (Ketty de la Cámara), Juan José de Los Arcos, Francisco Guijar, José Truchado (José Reyes)

Along the border between the Confederate States of America and Mexico which is now ruled by Maximilian of Hapsburg with the support of French arms, reigns an unstable peace, constantly interrupted by border clashes. The Americans, in fact, to help the Mexican patriots, seize any pretext to attack the French outposts. Of this undeclared war between Confederate soldiers and the French dragoons, and sudden raids by the Wichita Indian tribes, which claim their rights in the territories of the Rio Bravo. Pressed by the Indians, some dragoons, under Captain Clermont, take refuge in Fort Sharp, where the Confederate Colonel Lennox is fighting some kind of private war. The situation forces the colonel to accommodate prisoners as dragoons, and then to accept their alliance during the next fierce Indian attack. While the madness of Lennox is becoming more evident, which leads his men to revolt, Clermont is able to restore peace among the contenders. After the accidental death of the Colonel, French and Americans are separate on friendly terms.