Sunday, August 12, 2012


Tu fosa será la exacta... amigo – Spanish title
Domani passo a salutare la tua vedova… parola di Epidemia – Italian title
Vestens storste guldkup – Danish title
Naru kaulassa ei naurata – Finnish title
Lännen suurin kultakeikka – Finnish title
Mon cheval, mon colt, ta veuve - French title
Meine Kanone, mein Pferd… und esine Witwe – German title
O Meu Cavalo, a Minha Pistola, aTua Viúva – Portuguese title
Västern största guldkupp – Swedish title
I'll Come Tomorrow to Greet Your Widow – English title
My Horse… My Gun… Your Widow – English title

A 1972 Spanish, Italian co-production [C.C. Astro (Madrid), Lea Film (Rome)]
Producers: Luciano Martino, Ricardo Sanz
Director: John Wood (Juan Bosch)
Story: John Wood (Juan Bosch)
Screenplay: John Wood (Juan Bosch), Sauro Scavolini
Cinematography: Giorgio Tonti [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Bruno Nicolai, Enrique Escobar
Song: “Arizona Gun” sung by I Cantori Moderni
Running time: 100 minutes

Doctor Janus Saxon – Craig Hill (Craighill Fowler)
Deborah Page – Claudie Lange (Claude Lang)
Carrasco – Chris Huerta (Crisanto Brieva)
Dog – Pedro Mari Sanchez
Louis Donovan – Richard Melvill (Rosario Borelli)
Sheriff Appleton – Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
Deputy Gus – Carlo Gaddi
Howard - Giuseppe Marrocco
Innkeeper – Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)

Two thugs: a disbarred Dr. Janus and an Irishman named Donovan, an expert in safes, empty the coffers of a bank. With the help of a Mexican bandit names Carrasco and gang, they flee with the loot. Ending up in jail with Dog, Carrasco's brother Janus is called to operate on him for appendicitis. The doctor forces him to reveal where he hid the stolen gold in the bank. Now riding to the place indicated, Janus meets the son of Donovan, Lou, from whom he learns that the Irishman died in a shootout with the law. Realizing that he was deceived by Dog, the doctor catches the bandit, during his transfer to the prison in Louisville. Janus intends to use Dog to blackmail Carrasco. Committed to the custody of Lou, Dog manages to free himself, but is killed by mistake by one of the other bandits. Finding Carrasco, Janus discovers that the Mexican was actually a woman named Deborah, who fled taking with them all the gold. Carrasco had sided with the doctor and Lou they chase Deborah, upon reaching her they are too late, the gold has been handed over in the meantime to a few peons. The three are then arrested and put in jail, thanks to a false accusation by Deborah. A few years later, we find them busy robbing a banker, but this time the woman, the wife of their victim, is unable to take the risk of ruining their second attempt to obtain gold.

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