Sunday, August 26, 2012


I nipoti di Zorro – Italian title
O Zorro kai t’ anipsia tou – Greek title
Os sobrinhos de Zorro – Portuguese title
Los sorrinos de Zorro – Spanish title
Zoronun torunlari – Turkish title
Los sobrinos del Zorro – Venezuelan title
The Cousins of Zorro – English title
The Nephews of Zorro – English title

A 1968 Italian production [Flora Film, Variety Film (Rome)]
Producers: Leo Cevenini, Vittorio Martino
Director: Frank Reed/James Harris (Marcello Ciorciolini)
Story: Marcello Ciorciolini, Roberto Gianvitti, Vittorio Metz, Dino Verde (Edoardo Verde)
Screenplay: Marcello Ciorciolini, Roberto Gianvitti, Vittorio Metz, Dino Verde (Edoardo Verde)
Cinematography: Tino Santoni (Clemente Santoni) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Piero Umiliani (Romano Ferrera)
Song: “Zorro” sung by Dean Reed
Running time: 96 minutes

Franco La Vacca – Franco Franchi (Francesco Benenato)
Ciccio La Vacca – Ciccio Ingrassia (Francesco Ingrassia)
Raphael de la Vega/Zorro, Jr. – Dean Reed
Carmencita – Agata Flori
False Captain Martinez – Ivano Staccioli
Sergeant Alvarez – Pedro Sanchez (Ignacio Spalla)
Judge Ramirez – Mario Maranzana
Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro – Franco Fantasia (Francisco Fantasia)
Kleptomaniacs – Enzo Andronico (Vincenzo Andronico), Carlo Taranto
Sea Captain – Umberto D’Orsi
Rosita – Evi Farinelli
Manuela – Antonietta Fiorito
Hangman – Pietro Ceccarelli
Don Esteban – Giorgio Cholet (Giorgio Sciolette)
Lieutenant Gonzales – Andrea Fantasia
Captain Martinez – Carlo Gaddi
Corporal of the Lancers – Brizio Montinaro
Lancer Vargas – Angelo Gaste
Lancer Paco –Sergio Testori
Lancer Lopez – Clemente Ukmar
Pedro – Fidel Gonzáles
False Padre – Adriano Micantoni
Gold miner – Lino Banfi
With: Angolino Rizieri, Gualtiero Testori, Veriano Genesi, Roberto Gianvitti, Vittorio Metz, Dino Verde (Edoardo Verde)

Franco and Ciccio La Vacca are two Sicilian cousins ​​landing in California with the intention of searching for gold, not knowing that in the region roams the infamous Zorro, champion of the poor and the innocent. The two end-up accidentally in his hands while the man is releasing two prisoners who had been imprisoned unjustly. Punished by Zorro with a Z on their backside, the two Sicilian cousins ​​come to their uncle's house Don Diego de la Vega, not knowing that his son Raphael is Zorro. The two cousins ​​are given money to disappear and leave the area, as it may compromise the identity of Zorro as they saw his clothes in the room of Raphael. But Franco and Ciccio are immediately conned by two crooks. Again, poor, the two cousins ​​are given more money from Zorro who has just robbed a treasure of inestimable value from the overbearing judge who dominates the pueblo. But it is right next to Zorro’s hideout that Franco and Ciccio begin to look for gold. Meanwhile Carmencita, who has a large crush on Zorro, does not even imagine that he is her boyfriend Raphael, who tells her that the he will meet her one evening. Ecstatic, Carmencita looks forward to her rendezvous with Zorro, unaware that her maid has told of the meeting to the guards of the court. At the same time, Franco and Ciccio have taken some of Zorro’s clothes, and knowing of Carmencita’s encounter with the masked man, decided to replace him for the night. But the whole plan will go ahead and Carmencita will be faced with three Zorros! Even the guards, are confused and do not know who the real Zorro is and decide to arrest Franco and Ciccio because they cannot defend themselves. Taken to the gallows, the next day, the two are about to die when Zorro arrives saves them. In the end all ends well and the judge is stopped. Franco and Ciccio are sent away as far as possible, with a lot of money but once again it is stolen by two crooks.



  1. "Die Cousins von Zorro" ist the German translation of the original title; it nevertheless was never released or shown in a German version.

  2. Thanks Fatman, title deleted. You German's are lucky it wasn't released or shown there.