Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy 80th Birthday Martin Sagner

Martin Sagner was born in Novigrad Podravski, Croatia on August 11, 1932 and is one of the last of the great Croatian character actors. He was trained after World War II, and became a film and television actor in the 1960s and 1970s. One role marked his life as Andrew Draš Katelinića Dudek, a Drava peasant, which was created by screenwriter Zabočanin Mladen Kerstner, for "Mejaši" (1970) and "Gruntovčana" (1975) which were directed by Krešo Golik. Considered the best TV series filmed in Croatia. Sagner then entered politics before retiring in 1996. He continued to act until his final TV series “Duga mracna noc” ended in 2005. He now lives in an apartment with his third wife and two sons. Leaving the 8th floor apartment with no elevator is difficult so Sagner spends his days reading the reprint editions of old Kajkavian writers. Sagner appeared in only one Euro-western “Flaming Frontier” as Bonoja with Stewart Granger and Pierre Brice. Today we celebrate Martin Sagner’s 80th birthday.

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