Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Murphy McCorgan: Under the Weight of the Law

La leyenda del sheriff McCorgan – Spanish title
The Legend of Sheriff McCorgan – English title
Murphy McCorgan: Under the Weight of the Law – English title

A 2003 Spanish production [Mind the Gap Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Felipe Yagüe, Enrique Andres
Director: Freddie Cheronnr (Alfredo Sánchez)
Story: Freddie Cheronnr (Alfredo Sánchez)
Screenplay: Freddie Cheronnr (Alfredo Sánchez), Vinchy Pérez (David Sánchez)
Cinematography: Jacobo Vázquez-Dodero [color]
Music: various
Running time: 8 minutes

Murphy McCorgan – Chano Rodríguez (Luciano Rodríguez.)
Zacarias – Juan Herrada
Sheriff – Manu Onraita (Anuncio Rodilla)
Butch Cassidy – Diego Jesús Aguirre
Sundance Kid – Hugo Millán
Mr. McCorgan – Pablo Torres
Mrs. McCorgan – Carmen Herrada
Murphy McCorgan as a baby – Carlos Gil Herrada
With: Sebastián Rodríguez Jiménez

Murphy McCorgan has spent a life of misfortune wandering the Old West, until one day he arrives in the town of Norville, where he ends up representing law and order after the sheriff is killed by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid during a bank robbery.


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