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Morgan Kane: Døden er en ensom jeger – Norwegian title
Døden er en ensom jeger – Norwegian title
Death is a Lonely Hunter – English title
Morgan Kane: Death is a Lonesome Hunter – English title

A 2001 Norwegian production [Morgan Kane Productions (Oslo)]
Producer: Frank Iversen, Kjell Hallbing, Knut Ivar Cronli
Director: Frank Iversen
Story: Louis Masterson (Kjell Hallbing)
Screenplay: Frank Iversen
Cinematography: Hjara Jegerstedt [color]
Music: Armand Freidje
Running time: 50 minutes

Morgan Kane – Frank Iversen
Jenkins – Frank Krog
Thadden – Knut Husebø
Reuch - Jan Grønli
Ray - Mads Ousdal
Deliah – Hanne Rekkedal,
Clara - Line Verndal
Jane – Nina K. Odegaard

The year is 1885. U.S. Marshall Morgan Kane rides through a snowy winter landscape in an opening straight from "The Great Silence" and into the western town of Fort Collins. Kane collapses in the cold and wakes up in a stable to the jovial drunk Jenkins, which makes him ask the question “Are you a hunter?”, Kane responds, "sure."
Kane's presence arouses anxiety among the men in the city, they consult with Jenkins in the local saloon. The paranoid gunslinger Reuch is worried that the stranger in the stable can be a bounty hunter sent by the "Old Man Fletcher." His partner Thadden, believes Reuch is just hallucinating, and that he should take a trip to the whore house. Reuch’s claims that he cannot stand whores, so he will sit it out.
In the meantime, the drunkard Roy tries to charm the beauty Clara. Clara fears that the stranger might be a detective that her old husband, Harold has sent to spy on them.
Morgan Kane has certainly revived, and jumps in bed with a girl named Deliah.
The following day, Kane is attacked by the two villains, but he shoots them both down. This supposedly finishes Kane’s job, so he storms out of town and rides out into the woods again.


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