Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who are Those Guys? - Lino Banfi

Lino Banfi was born Pasquale Zagaria in Andria, Puglia, Italy on July 9, 1936. Banfi is one of Italy’s comedic superstars and an ambassador of UNICEF. He reached his comedic peak in the 1980s in a series of films and his appearance in the “Dr. Who” TV series. As a young man he was encouraged to join the priesthood but decided to pursue a career in show business. He started as a singer in local venues and then moved to Milan and joined a variety theater. Here he was known as Lino Zaga and practiced his unique style of comedy while working for the Arturo Vetrana theater group. Later he moved to Rome where he found success with RAI2 TV. He then was cast with Franco & Ciccio and other comedy films including “Vieni avanti cretino” (1982), “L’allenatore nel pallone” (1984), “Il commissario Lo Gatto” (1986). From 1989 - 2009 he played the role of Free on the “Dr. Who” series. Because of this role he was appointed as an ambassador to UNICEF. In 2005 he played the role of Santa Claus in the Channel 5 production “Il mio amico Babbo Natale”. In 2008 after 24 years he returned to the theater and now is working in all three mediums, stage, TV and films. Lino has been married to his wife Lucia since 1962 and they have two children, actress Rosanna Banfi [1963- ] and son Walter.Banfi appeared in two Euro-westerns, both Franco & Cicio films “The Nephew of Zorro” (1968) “Franco & Ciccio on the Warpath” (1969).

BANFI, Lino (aka Lino Zaga) (Pasquale Zagaria) [7/11/1936, Andria, Bari, Apulia, Ialy -     ] - stage, TV actor, author.
The Nephew of Zorro - 1968 (miner)
Franco & Ciccio on the Wearpath - 1969 (Mormon)

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