Wednesday, March 23, 2011

COMIN' AT YA! Noir 3-D Premiere

COMIN' AT YA! NOIR 3-D was a BIG SUCCESS (!!) at the premiere screening during the 2011 Berlin Film Festival.

On Saturday night, February 12th, there were two world premieres shown at 7:00pm. COMIN' AT YA! and Madonna's new film, which was attended by the stars, the director and the major press.

By 6:00pm more than 150 people began to line up outside the theater showing COMIN' AT YA!.

It became rather chaotic when every one started moving to the front of the line to get the best seats.

Finally the reps of the PR company arrived on the scene allowing the crowd into the theatre.

This resulted into a full house with some standing room.

And what a crowd it was! Within the first two minutes of the titles the Noir 3D effects began to float and fly into the audience. They laughed, gasped and some even yelled...

This went on for the duration of the film and when it was over the audience gave a standing ovation.

The digital re-invention of COMIN' AT YA! NOIR 3D brought it home.

As a result of the success of the premiere, Robbie Little (President of The Little Film Company) and VP head of acquisitions Clay Epstein (who represents COMIN' AT YA! worldwide for distribution) have begun discussions for all rights distribution with Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Japan and the UK.

You will be the first to know as The Little Film Company enters into country by country distribution agreements around the world!

Another announcement,

The five minute promo, which you can see at our website ( in 2-D, and the feature film are in the studio being prepared for digital and Blu-ray 3-D for broadcast and dvd home video purposes.

These versions will be shown to the public for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

COMIN' AT YA! NOIR 3D is saddled up and on a ride!

In closing check out some of the responses from the Berlin premiere (below) and if you enjoyed what you just read please visit our facebook page (just type Comin' At Ya! Noir 3D) and click "like".

Comments from audience members about the screening...

"I was also really surprised how good the 3D worked especially when things were really “comin’ at us”, i.e. the arrows and spears. Also everybody seemed to enjoy especially the last prolonged fight, when Tony’s character is hitting his adversary with a piece of wood accompanied by the exaggerated sound design (here nearly everybody applauded)".

"Was at the screening. My group and I had a wonderful time. We weren\'t around when the original came out so we didn't know what to expect. what a trip! When it comes to 3d this is the real deal!"

"Saw movie in Berlin. perhaps the best 3D i\'ve ever seen! Even better than the 3D at the Disney parks."

If you were at the screening and haven't sent in a comment yet please do.

Best Wishes,

Eric Zaldivar (Viral Marketing Director/Site Manager)


  1. Problem is I saw no mention of U.S.A. distributor. Hopefully they already have one lined up. I saw the original when it was first released and can't wait to see the new edition.