Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Remembering Francisco Rabal

Francisco ‘Paco’ Rabal Valera was born on March 8, 1926 in Cuesta de Gos, Aguilas, Spain. When the Spanish Civil War began his family moved to Madrid. Paco took several jobs in order to help support his family while studying at The College Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo. He made his film debut as an extra and later small roles with theater groups starting with “La rueda de la vida” (1942). In 1946 he made his first credited film appearance in “ La pródiga” directed by Rafael Gil. In 1947 he met his future wife, actress Asuncion Balaguer [1925- ] (1950-2001), with whom he had two children Benito [1954 - ] a director and Teresa [1952 - ] an actress. By 1953 he was receiving awards for his acting as in “La guerra de Dios” and “Un camino a la derecha”. He then filmed Luis Buñuel’s “ Nazarín” (1958) in Mexico. In 1968 he played Che in “Che Guevara”. By the 1980s he was making television films and then more films followed such as “Goya in Bordeaux” for which he received a Goya award. On returning to Spain on August 29, 2001 from Montreal, Canada he died from respiratory failure. During his long and distinguished career Rabal made three Euro-westerns; “Legacy of the Incas” (1965), “Long Days of Vengeance” (1967) and “It Can Be Done Amigo” (1972). Paco was the brother actor Damián Rabal [19??-1991] and the grandfather of director, screenwriter, actor Liberto Rabal [1975- ]. Today we remember Francisco Rabal on what would have been his 85th birthday.

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  1. One of his last films was Dagon, a fairly faifthful adaption of an HP Lovecraft story, The Shadow over Innsmouth. Too bad it didn't have a bigger budget as the special effects are sometimes pretty lame. Great atmosphere, though, in keeping with Lovecraft's story.