Sunday, March 20, 2011

Garden of Venus

Las mujeres de Jeremías - Spanish title
El jardin de venus - French title
Die Wilde Meute - German title
Vier Pastorentöchter - German title
Venerin Vrt - Yugoslavian title
Bordello - U.S.A. title
Garden of Venus - English title

A 1979 U.S.A., Mexican, Spanish co-production [Producciones Esme S.A. (Mexico City), Ízaro
Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Carlos Vasallo
Director: Ray Fellows (Ramón Fernández)
Story: Alfredo Mañas
Screenplay: Alfred Mann (Alfredo Mañas), Sherry Finch
Cinematography: Fred Upland (Fernando Arribas) [color]
Music: Ren Serio (Renato Serio)
Running time: 98 minutes

Jonathan Drake - Chuck Connors (Kevin Connors)
Tamar Sanchez - Isela Vega (Isela Durazo)
Jeremiah/Jeremías Sanchez - Jorge Rivero (Jorge Ribe)
Spencer Dalton - Michael Conrad
judge - John Ireland
Pancho - Andrés García
John - Mike Moroff (Miguel Burciaga)
Caroline - Erica Carlson (Erika Carlson)
Esther Sanchez - Mary Jo Singer (María Porcel)
Ann Sanchez - Ana de Sade
Raquel Sanchez - Verónica Miriel
María Sanchez - Tay Ullman (Taidea Urruzola)
Porfino - Enrique Novi
Miguel - Miguel Fieman (Miguel Ángel Ferriz)
Juan - George King (Jorge Reynoso)
Pedro - Bill Laker (Guillermo Lagunes)
Edison - Carlo Nieman (Carlos Nieto)
Zacarías - Ahui Camacho (Ahuizotl Castillo)
priest - Fernando Yapur
townsman - Gerardo Zepeda
Juana - María Montecarlo (Maria de Montecarlo)

Jeremiah Sanchez is a Protestant pastor who lives with his wife and four beautiful daughters in a village in northern Mexico. The daughters are harassed by some local boys, a fact that causes her parents seriousl concern about the continuing struggle to maintain and defend their honor. Every family dreams of leaving town, and one day Sanchez receives a letter informing them that they are the heirs to a house in Arizona. The house turns out to be a bordello and the neighboring Dalton brothers try to buy the house because they have discovered a rich vein of silver lies buried underneath.

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  1. The film was made between 1979 and 1981 and was finished later on. Chuck Connors only appears in 12 of the 28 scenes that are in the film.