Friday, March 11, 2011

Howard Hughes Reviews True Grit

Howard Hughes has reviewd the new "True Grit" film.

Here's a link to his Tauris Website where you can read his thoughts.


  1. I like and agree with what Howard has to say. It's a very well written and balanced review.
    One point, and it's a cliche, 'if it ain't broke, why try to fix it'.
    The Coen's, for me are amongst the few saving graces of modern cinema.
    Much as I enjoyed this movie, there is no way I, or any serious western fan can watch this movie and not automatically make comparisons to the original. Therefore I can't escape and enjoy it on its own terms.
    No Country for Old Men, is 'their western', and the best modern film I've seen in years!

  2. I agee Adrian. I have not seen the new version. I was not a big fan of the John Wayne film and despise remakes. The Coens could have called it something else and we would have known it was a remake. Those who had not seen the original would not have cared but I know I'll watch and compare every scene in my mind. Thank God Jeff Bridges was humble enough to wear the eye-patch on the other eye.

  3. :) nice