Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rememberng Jose 'Pepe' Calvo

José Selgado was born on March 3, 1916 in Madrid, Spain. José abandoned his studies in medicine to pursue an acting career. He debuted on stage in 1934 and appeared in his first film in 1951. As José ‘Pepe’ Calvo he was seen in more than 150 films over a forty year career. He worked under some of the most renowned film makers in Spain including Juan Antonio Bardem and Luis Buñuel. Noteworthy was his work in the many Spaghetti westerns filmed in Spain including his role in “Fistful of Dollars” as Silvanito. Some of his other more famous Euro-western roles were in “Gunfight at Red Sands” (1963), “In the Shadow of a Colt” (1965), “Fort Yuma Gold” (1966), “Blood at Sundown” (1967), “The Price of Power” (1969) and “Dead Men Ride” (1971). Towards the end of his career he focused on television, and participated in such programs as “Studio1" and “Novela”. Calvo was married to actress Mercedes Barranco [19??-2008] (19??-1980). Pepe Calvo died on May 16, 1980 in Los Palmas, Grand Canary Islands, Spain. Today we remember José Calvo on what would have been his 95th birthday.

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