Saturday, March 12, 2011


The Frozen Star - International title

A 1977 Swedish production [Mats Helge-Olsson Filmproduktion (Lidköping)]
Producer: Bengt Erlandsson, Mats Helge-Olsson
Director: Mats Helge-Olsson
Story: Rolf Anderson
Screenplay: Rolf Anderson
Cinematography: Per-Arne Svensson [color]
Music: Lloyd Green, Alan Parker, Tony Ross, Glenn Sutton (Royce Sutton), Gareth Walters
Songs: “Long Way From Home”, “The Man From Arkansas”, “Nashville Skyline” played by Alan Parker
Songs: “Being Served Sir”, “Down the Hatch”, “Lager and Lime”, “Mine’s a Light”, “One More for the Road”, “Nothin’ Doin’” played by Tony Ross
Song: “Guitar Pickin’ Man” played by Glenn Sutton
Song: “Campfire Melody” played by Gareth Walters

Willy Carlsson, Roland von Rainals, Lennart Eriksson, Paul Ericksen, Hans-Gunnar Erlandsson, Gert Nilsson, Karl-Axe Dahlgren, Gustav Hallin, Bengt Erlandsson, Isabella Kaliff (Ingrid Kaliff) Per Hessman (Uno Hessman)

Bart, a gunslinger, dominates the territory. Then Willy wanders into town and falls in love with a prostitute named Rose. Bart chases Willy out of town but he returns with a group of men and shoot it out with Bart and his gang.

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