Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Unter geiern - German title
Winnetou und der Bärenjäger - German title
Parmi les vautours - French title
La dove scende il sole - Italian title
Medju jasterbovima - Yugoslavian title
Med Jasterbi - Yugoslavian title
De Gang der Aasgieren - Belgium title
Mezi Supy - Czechoslovakian title
Medzi Supmy - Czechoslovakian title
Winnetou og Vestens - Danish title
Winnetou ja Lännen haaskalinnut - Finnish title
Winnetou wsród Sepów - Polish title
Printre Vulturi - Romanian title
Los buitres - Spanish title
Vasterns Gamar - Swedish title
Yaylalar Kartali - Turkish title
Among Vultures - U.K. title
Frontier Hellcat - U.S.A. title

A 1964 West German, French, Italian, Yugoslavian co-production [Rialto Film (Munich), Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (Paris), Atlantis (Rome), Jadran (Zagreb)]
Producer: Horst Wendlandt
Director: Alfred Vohrer
Story: Karl May
Screenplay: Eberhard Keindorff, Johanna Sibelius (Sibylle Freybe), Harlad G. Peterson
Cinematography: Karl Löb
Music: Martin Böttcher
Running time: 102 minutes

Old Surehand - Stewart Granger (James Stewart)
Winnetou - Pierre Brice (Pierre de Bris)
Martin Baumann Jr. - Götz George
Annie Dillman - Elke Sommer (Elke Schletz)
Preston - Sieghardt Rupp
Martin Baumann - Walter Barnes
Jeremy ‘Old Wabbles’ Sanders - Paddy Fox (Milutin Srdoc)
Weller - Miha Baloh (Mihail Baloh)
Wokadeh - Georg Mitic (Gojko Mitic)
Wokadeh’s sister - Gordana Cosic
Betsy - Dunja Rajter
Judge Leader - Renato Baldini
Baker, Jr. - Mario Girotti
Gordon - Louis Velle
Stewart - Voja Miric (Voijislav Miric)
Milton - Stole Arandjelovic (Stojan Anrandjelovic)
Miller - George Heston (Djordje Nenadovic)
Bloomfield - Dusan Bulajic
Davy Long - Mirko Boman
Mr. Baker - Vladimir Medar
Jackie - Ilija Ivezic
Rod - Davor Antolic
Bill - Mirko Kraljev
Fred - Boris Dvornik
Joe - Dragomir Bojanic
Jimmy - Milan Micic
Bob - Joza Seb
Thomas - Marinko Cosic
Jemmy - Vlado Bacic (Vladimir Bacic)
Shoshone - Sime Jagarinac (Simun Jagarinac)
Sally - Mara Kajtas
with: Stjepan Spoljaric

In frontier Arizona, Old Surehand, a frontier scout and blood brother of the young Apache chief Winnetou, is the sworn enemy of the Vultures, a band of outlaws disguised as Indians who terrorize prospectors and settlers. When the Vultures capture Annie, who is transporting her father's moneybelt filled with diamonds, Martin Baumann, who is in love with Annie, rescues her. Baumann mistakenly believes that the Shoshone are responsible for the slaughter of his family, and he is captured by the tribe for insulting their chief, but Old Surehand saves Baumann's life by performing feats of skill and strength. Old Surehand, Winnetou, and Baumann then hear that the wagon train in which Annie is traveling is about to be ambushed by the Vultures, and they fight off the gang until the Shoshone braves come to the rescue.

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwl_XKK8GjA


  1. Ahh...I love Elke Sommer. Stewart Granger is pretty good in this, too. And Pierre Brice. But, I love Elke Sommer. The movie overall is entertaining and enjoyable. But, I love Elke Sommer. ;o)

    Nice new header image for the blog, Tom!
    Where'd you find that image?
    heh heh heh...

  2. Very enjoyable Winnetou film. I found a widescreen VHS for a couple bucks at a video closout store. I transferred it to DVD before the tape degraded too much.

    Granger looks like he's enjoying himself and hams it up a bit. Kinda like he's playing a joke on the producers by even being there.

  3. Chris, the new header image is courtesy of Vicky and she did a great job didn't she?

    I always look at the Winnetou films through the eyes of a 12 year-old. Plenty of action, adventure and fun. Just like the old days at the neighborhood theater.