Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Franco & Ciccio on the Warpath

Franco e Ciccio sentiero di guerra - Italian title
Zwei Trottel als Revolverhelden - German title
Franco - Ciccio, oi dyo polemarhoi - Greek title
Paths of War - English title
Franco & Ciccio on the Warpath - English title

A 1969 Italian production [Mondial Televisione Film (Rome)]
Producer: Sergio Bonotti
Director: Aldo Grimaldi (Arnaldo Grimaldi)
Story: Giovanni Grimaldi, Bruno Corbucci
Screenplay: Giovanni Grimaldi
Cinematography: Fausto Zuccoli [Eastmancolor]
Music: Roberto Pregadio
Running time: 95 minutes

Franco - Franco Franchi (Francesco Benenato)
Cicio - Ciccio Igrassia (Francesco Ingrassia)
Jeff - Renato Baldini
Lucy Foster - Adler Gray
Wowoka - Joseph Persaud (Turam Quibo)
Wowoka - Turam Quibo
Lieutenant Martin/Morgan - Stelvio Rossi
Colonel Foster - Gianni Solaro (Gianni Lorenzon)
Mormon - Lino Banfi (Pasquale Zagaria)
Indian - Pietro Torrisi
Scotsman - Renato Malavasi
Sergeant Douglas - Alfred Rizzo
barman - Luigi Bonos
sheriff - Fulvio Mingozzi
with: Turi Campochiaro (Salvatore Campochiaro), Wolff Fischer (Wolfgang Fischer), Silvano Spada, Veronica Mary Wells

Franco and Ciccio, two soldiers in the Sicilian army, are forced to flee by the arrival of Garibaldi. The two smuggle themselves out of Sicily by lying in coffins being exported, the two friends are shipped to America, where they find themselves lost and without money. They enlist in the U.S. Army and are sent west to the fight Indians, despite their stupidity they are able, by a series of fortuitous circumstances, to cause the defeat of the Indians and their final surrender. Things seem to get the best for Franco and Ciccio, but the sudden discovery of a wrong doing forces them to abandon their enlistment in the army and they find refuge in the desert. To put an end to their troubles, the two hapless friends agree to marry the daughters of an Indian chief and to integrate into an American Indian tribe.

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  1. Biltmore: I like that title translation better than the usual Paths of War!

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