Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Mara Cruz

María Isabel Palomo González was born on March 24, 1941 in Madrid, Spain. She used the alias Mara Cruz during her acting career. Mara’s first film appearance, at 16, was in 1957's “Madrugada”. She would go on to appear in over 35 film and television series until leaving the acting profession in 1976 after her last film “”El mistero de la perla negra”. Along the way she appeared in four Euro-westerns beginning with “Left-Handed Johnny West” (1965), “The Tall Women” (1966), “Two Crosses at Danger Pass” and “Seven for Pancho Villa” both in 1967. Little is known about her career or what she is doing now. Today we celebrate Mara Cruz’s 70th birthday.

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