Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy 75th Birthday Peter Boom

Peter Jorn Boom was born on March 31, 1936 in Mbloemendaal, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Peter was one of six children. Originally Peter wanted to study theology and psychology but ended up leaving college and moved to Milan, Italy started his studies in opera. He became a stage actor and saved enough money to move to Rome in 1963. He auditioned for RAI TV and was given a standing ovation for the two songs he sang but no work. Peter’s deep voice began to be used for songs in the Spaghetti western films. He sang ‘Necklace of Pearls” for “Blood at Sundown” (1966), ‘Song of the Cowboy’ for “A Man Called Amen” (1968), as Joe Rivers he sang the main theme for “Kidnapping” (1969). Six months later he was contacted by CAM Records who wanted. Peter recorded an English version of “Run, Man, Run” while Tomas Milian recorded the track used in the film. He also sang on the soundtrack of “Sabata” (1969) but was cut from the final release. He also sang ‘Ride Alone’ for “Sartana Kills Them All” (1971), ‘Julie’ for “Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity” (1971). Today he is a strong advocate for gay rights and publishes a blog on the Internet for the cause. Today we celebrate one of the great voices of the Spaghetti Western Peter Boom on his 75th birthday.

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