Friday, June 10, 2022

New Spanish book Las rutas del wéstern en Cataluña y Aragón


Las rutas del wéstern en Cataluña y Aragón

Authors: Javier Ramos AltamiraJavier Ramos de los Santos


Publisher: Japal Producciones

Language: Spanish

Pages: 184

ISBN: 9788412009446

ISBN-10: 8412009444

Available: June 1, 2022


The book The Western Routes in Catalonia and Aragon is a study of the different places and locations in Catalonia and Aragon, used in the filming of what are popularly known as spaghetti-westerns. It is an area little known by film fans, who usually associate it only with Almería. Few people know that more than fifty Western movies were shot in this area, with locations as important as Esplugas City, Candasnos, Fraga, Garraf, etc. The purpose of this book is to tell the story of these films, and show the main locations used, so that the European Western fan can visit these places and relive the good times spent watching them. In order to facilitate the visit, the text provides data such as: geographical coordinates, maps and directions on how to get there. All this illustrated with more than 100 photographs and images. The book also includes an interview with the director of photography Paco Marin Andreu (who worked on many of these productions), and files on all the films shot.

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