Tuesday, June 28, 2022

New Hotel Construction at Fort Bravo


Fort Bravo/Texas Hollywood announced that a new hotel for visitors is under construction.

True to the purest western style, you will have the exclusivity to enjoy in their suites overlooking the main square. Vintage furniture and decor available and star piece, large wooden bathtub.

We will update on opening and booking.

Texas Hollywood has a wide range of deals for the stay and tour. Vacation packages are offered for you to stop dreaming and start planning. Now is the right time for you to set off on this journey, as you will have multiple options to choose from. If you want the nearest place to crash in, Camping Fort Bravo is the best option since it is also 0.004 miles from Texas Hollywood, and it is a great place for kids. At the present time cabins are available for overnight guests.

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