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Who Are Those Composers ~ Vince Tempera


Vincenzo ‘Vince’ Tempera was born in Milan, Utaly on September 18, 1946. Fe graduated in piano and composition at the Conservatory. As a keyboardist, arranger and conductor he started his musical activity collaborating with several beat groups such as ‘I Giganti’ and ‘LA Nuovo Era’ He was later a member of the avant-garde musical project ‘The Pleasure Machine’ and of the progressive group ‘Il Volo’. In the late 1970s he achieved a large commercial success as a composer of cartoon's main theme songs He was conductor in many editions of the Sanremo Music Festival and in one edition of the Eurovision Song Contest (for Malta in 1975).  He contributed several film scores including Lucio Fulci’s “4 of the Apocalypse” (1975), “Dracula in the Provinces” (1975), “Sette note in nero” (1977), “Silver Saddle” (1978), “Manaos” (1979), “The House of Clocks” (1989) and “The Sweet House of Horrors” (1989). The main theme from “Sette note in nero” was later included in the soundtrack of Tarantino’s “Kill Bill: I” His collaborations include, among others, Zucchero Fornaciari, Lucio Battisti, Francesco Guccini, Antonello Venditti, Mina, Nomadi and Angelo Branduardi. In the 1970s Tempera also recorded under the pseudonym Andrè Carr.

Tempera would leave his mark on the Spaghetti western genre by becoming a member of the musical trio of Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera consisting Franco Bixio, Fabio Frizzi and himself. The trio turned out a number of light-sounding, whimsical scores during the early decade of the 1970s.

TEMPERA, Vince (aka Andrè Carr, Leonerbert, Magnetic System, Tempera, Vincent Tempera) (Vincenzo Tempera) [9/18/1946, Milan, Lombardy, Italy -     ] – producer, composer, conductor, songwriter, arranger, musician, member of the composing team of Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera.

And Now... Make Your Peace with God – 1968 (co)

Carambola* – 1973

The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby – 1974 (co) [as Leonerbert]

Patience has a Limit, We Don’t – 1974 (co) [as Leonerbert]

The Four of the Apocalypse... - 1975 (co)

Get Mean – 1975 (co)

Silver Saddle – 1978* (co)


*available on CD

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