Tuesday, April 27, 2021

New Book Release ~ Por um Punhado de Euros: O génio de Leone, o caixão de Django e a loucura de Fidani









Por um Punhado de Euros - O génio de Leone: o caixão de Django e a loucura de Fidani

Authors: Emanuel Neto e Pedro Pereira


Country: Portugal

Publisher: Chiado

Language: Portuguese

Pages: 188

ISBN: 978-989-37-0645-9

Release April, 2021


The book is of course a compilation of some of the reviews that we've published during the last 10 years or so, in the blog with same name. It is not a technical themed book. It's about two kids who grew up in the nineties on a small border town in which the main VHS rental place was called... Trinitá.

“Written in a very accessible language and with notes of humor that gives a light weight to film critics, this book - divided between the Good, the Bad and the Uglies - covers a selection of 40 films, being just a sample of what the gigantic world of spaghetti westerns is all about. Even so, it is (very) worth the trip!” ~ Elsa Ribeiro Gonçalves, journalist.

It can be purchased in several online stores both paper (soft cover) and ebook. Soon it will be on stores here in Portugal and also in Brasil. https://www.chiadobooks.com/livraria/por-um-punhado-de-euros-o-genio-de-leone-o-caixao-de-django-e-a-loucura-de-fidani https://www.bertrand.pt/livro/por-um-punhado-de-euros-emanuel-neto/24734135 https://www.wook.pt/livro/por-um-punhado-de-euros-emanuel-neto/24734135 https://www.fnac.pt/livre-numerique/a8674993/Por-um-Punhado-de-Euros-O-genio-de-Leone-o-caixao-de-Django-e-a-loucura-de-Fidani#FORMAT=ePub#omnsearchpos=1

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