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Who Are Those Composers ~ Claudio Tallino

 Claudio Tallino is an Italian composer, conductor and lyricist. there is no information about Tallino about his life and studies. The earliest work I can find is as a record composer for 1962’s Clémentine chérie for Rita Pavone

Claudio made his debut in the world of cinema as a composer and conductor in 1968, composing the score for the film “Killer Adios”, one of the many Spaghetti westerns that were filmed, during that era; Subsequently, in, he scored of the film “Calamo”, directed by Massimo Pirri, who had problems with censorship, due to the numerous nude scenes in the film. It turns out to be, despite its poor distrivution, Tallino’s best-selling album, so much so that it has been exported abroad.

In the same year he collaborated on the soundtrack of the cult film by Alberto Cavallone, “The Man, the Woman and the Beast – Spell *Sweet Slaughterhouse), which, however, is still not available today, due to the fact that it was not recorded in any format.

In the 1980s, he worked on two funk records, both with the same title Red Blood.

Tallino returned in the early 2000s to work as a composer of arthouse cinema, in particular, in 2004, his latest work is “Vicino al Fiume”.

TALLINO, Claudio (aka Greekian) [Italian] – composer.

Killer adios* - 1968

Drummer of Vengeance – 1971 (co)


*Available on CD

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