Sunday, April 11, 2021

RIP Giannetto DeRosi


Italian makeup artist Giannetto De Rossi died in Rome, Italy on April 11, 2021. He was born August 8, 1942 in Rome and was known for his talent in special effects and makeup. A career which began in 1963 and which turned towards horror cinema since it is to him that we owe the make-up for the films of Jorge Grau ("The Massacre of the Living Dead"), Lucio Fulci ("The Hell des Zombies "," L'Au-dela "," The House near the cemetery "), Antonio Margheriti (" Cannibal Pulses "), Fabrizio De Angelis (" Killer crocodile ") or Ruggero Deodato (" Atlantis Interceptor "). Giannetto worked as a make-up artist on Charles Bronson during the filming of (“Once Upon a Time in the West”) and also (“Chino”). He has also worked on "Dune" by David Lynch, "Conan the Destroyer" by Richard Fleischer, "King Kong 2" by John Guillermin, "Haute Tension" by Alexandre Aja or "Rambo 3" by Peter MacDonald. among others. De Rossi was also the director of "Killer Crocodile 2" in 1990. Giannetto De Rossi died at the age of 78 in Rome. Besides “Once Upon a Time in the West” and “Chino” he also worked on “Day of Anger” (1967).

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