Friday, October 30, 2020

Spaghetti Western Location ~ Railroad Bridge in Rambla Fiñana

The Bridge in La Calahorra, Granada, Spain was used on the Calahara Express line and was seen in many Euro-westerns. It spanned the Rambla Fiñana which was usually dry most of the year and became a wash during the rainy season for a few weeks out of the year. The bridge was an expansion bridge and therefore did not interfere with any camera shots and was used primarily as a break in the scenery as the trains travelled over the mostly flat barren prairie.

“Any Gun Can Play” - 1967



 “100 Rifles” – 1969



“A Man Called Noon” – 1973



“The Genius” - 1975




“The White, the Yellow, the Black” - 1975


“Whisky and Ghosts” – 1976



“Rustlers’ Rhapsody” – 1985

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