Thursday, October 15, 2020

50Th Anniversary of “The Twilight Avengers”


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “The Twilight Avengers” in Rome, Italy. Directed by Adalberto Albertini and starring Tony Kendall is tells the story that during the California Gold Rush a troupe of acrobats witness a robbery carried out by a gang of alleged Mexicans. The bandits are, however, Yankees, and the powerful father of one of them exterminates the family of the sheriff to release his arrested son. The family is saved by the troupe of acrobats, allied with a Mexican rebel, and together they defeat the evil outlaws.


I vendicatore dell’Ave Maria – Italian title

Vestens lovløse brødre – Danish title
Ave Maria Lännen rämäpäät – Finnish title
Kosto aamun koitteessa – Finnish title
Les vengeurs de L’Ave Maria – French title
Ein Zirkus und ein Halleluja – German title
Hevn ved morgengry – Norwegian title
Os quatro justiceiros – Portuguese title
Los vengadores del Ave Maria – Spanish title
Fighters of the Ave Maria – English title
Fighters from Ave Maria – English title
The Twilight Avengers – English title
A 1970 Italian film production [P.A.C., Caravel Films (Rome)]
Producer: Attilio Dottesio, Lucio Marcuzzo
Director: Al Albert (Adalberto Albertini)
Story: Adalberto Albertini
Screenplay: Adalberto Albertini
Cinematography: Antonio Modica [Eastmancolor]
Music: Piero Umiliani (Romano Ferrera)
Running time: 98 minutes

Tony/John Garrison – Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella)
Pa Garrison – Spartaco Conversi
Sam Garrison – Peter Thorrys (Pietro Torrisi)
Peter/Paul Garrison – Albert Dell’Acqua (Alberto Dell’Acqua)
Katy/Cathy Wilson – Ida Meda
Cal Parker – Albet Farley (Alberto Farnese)
Sheriff Ferguson – Attilio Dottesio
Pedro Serrano – Remo Capitani (Renato Capitani)
Johnson/Stafford – Arrigo Peri (Filippo Perego)
Rose – Helen Parker (Maria Louisa Gentilini)
Parker henchmen – Renzo Pevarello, Riccardo Pizzuti, Albercio Donadeo
Saloon patrons – Osiride Pevarello, Enrico Chiappafreddo, Sergio Smacchi
Ma Garrison – Elena Veronese Puatto
Governor – Gennarino Pappgalli (Primo Gennaro)
Benny – Sergio Testori
Uncle – Arrigo Peri
Stafford – Filippo Perego


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