Saturday, October 17, 2020

RIP Ryszard Ronczewski


Ryszard Ronczewski, a longtime actor of the Wybrzeże Theater, died in Sopot, Poland on October 17, 2020. A theater and film actor Ronczewski contracted coronavirus. He was 90 years old. Ronczewski was born on June 27, 1930 in Puszkarnia near Vilnius. He was a graduate of the PWST in Łódź. In the years 1956-57 he was an actor of the Nowy Theater in Łódź, and from 1957 to 1960 an actor of the Warsaw Operetta. In 1960-69 and 1970-74 he worked as the artistic director of Estrada Sopot. In the 1960s, together with Alina and Jerzy Afanasjew and Janusz Hajdun, he created the Afanasjeff Family Circus, which – next to STS and Bim-Bom – was one of the most interesting avant-garde student theaters in post-war Poland. Ronczewski appeared in several dozen films, incl. in: “Teutonic Knights”, “Pharonie”, “Satan of the Seventh Class”, “About Two Who Stole the Moon”, “Bad Luck” and “Wolf’s Echoes”. In his one Euro-western he portrayed a shaman in the 1993 TV series “Alaska Kid”.

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