Friday, October 30, 2020

Los camioneros

Los camioneros – Spanish title

The Truckers – English translated title


A 1973-1974 Spanish television production [Television Espanola (Madrid)]

Producer: Jesus G. Gargoles (Jesus Garcia Gargoles)

Director: Mario Camus

Story: Pedro Gil Paradela

Teleplay: Pedro Gil Paradela

Photography: Hans Burman (Hans Burmann)

Music: Anton Garcia Abril

Running time: 35 minutes

Story: Paco (Sancho Gracia) is a trucker who travels the roads of Spain finding all kinds of environments, characters and stories, which make him live unexpected adventures.


Paco – Sancho Gracia

Johnny – Sancho Gracia

Cora Parker - Gela Geisler

Director – Ricardo Palacios

Barber – Juan Majan

Juan Lizarraga, Antonio Orengo, Romero Godoy, Manolo Velasco, Ricardo Rodriguez, Antonia Nieto, Anton Santiago, Antonio Sempere, Sebastian Bermudez, Jose Bermudez, Valentin Bellisco

Season 1, episode #8 “Con los indios en el desierto”

Paco (Sancho Gracia) carries a load of horses in his truck for a film shooting at Fort Bravo Studios, and they confuse him with the star of the film, which is also played by Sancho Gracia but with mustache. 

Some of the music used is from “Texas, Adios” composed by the composer Anton Garcia Abril who was also the composer of the TV series.

The director of the western is none other than Ricardo Palacios playing Italian filmmaker who does with his hands what Sergio Leóne did, close them and open them.


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