Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Who Are Those Guys ~ Raúl Castro

Raul Castro was/is a Spanish actor and one of the younger participants in the Euro-western genre. Once you knew his name and face he was easily recognized. Never a led or supporting actor his 8 year career between 1968 and 1976 consisted of 8 films, seven of which were westerns. Researching him is next to impossible because his name is the same as Fidel Castro’s brother and even the IMDb has him mixed up and shows a picture of the Cuban rebel on their actor’s page.

Raul usually played background players and usually Indian roles. His young slim figure, always stood out in the films he participated in and why he wasn’t givem larger roles we’ll probably never know. Where he is today and what he is doing is unknown.

CASTRO, Raúl [Spanish] – producer, film actor.
Villa Rides – 1968 (soldier)
Land Raiders – 1969 (Indian)
Catlow – 1971 (Tonkawa Indian)
Chato’s Land – 1971 (Mexican scout)
Man in the Wilderness – 1971
Valdez is Coming – 1971 (rider)
Get Mean – 1975 (gypsy)

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